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Perfetto White Gel

$34.99 CAD

White nail gel is a necessary product in any salon. White gels allow you to create perfectly white tips and white tip in one of the most popular salon stylings, french manicure. You don't have to think about what to do with the white tip in frenchu anymore!
Perfetto white nail gel is the highest quality product of the new generation. It is a nail gel with a rare consistency and a snow-white color. Thanks to the use of the innovative hp formula (HIGHLY PIGMENTEN) innovative on the Polish market, the gel is distinguished by extreme pigmentation. Thanks to it, after one, even a very thin layer, the tip of the nail shines with a beautiful white tint – there is no need to apply another layer. The PERFETTO white nail gel is therefore the perfect solution for all lovers of intensely white french tip. The gel is also ideal for creating all kinds of ornaments, (even extremely) thin lines, as well as for working in ombre, one stroke and zhostovo technique.
Perfetto white nail gel ensures easy and fast operation, without the risk of smudges. It has color stabilizers and UV filters. Thanks to it, you can easily create a snow-white, sharp smile line that will last for weeks without discoloration or yellowing effect. The gel is incredibly grippy, making the styling made extremely durable and resistant to mechanical injuries – they do not break and persist without air.
The acid-free formula of PERFETTO gel makes it can be used even in people with sensitive skin and with a tendency to allergies. The great advantage of PERFETTO gel is the ease with which it can be cured in the lamp – without the effect of pulling and shrinking.  PERFETTO gel is applied to the built nail before shining.

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