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Cover Pink Builder Gel

$26.99 CAD

Nail cover SIMPLE SHAPE Cover pink is an innovative product with a dense consistency, self-leveling properties and a delicate, light pink color that blends with any complexion. It is perfect for camouflaging tile shortcomings - it perfectly masks any discoloration or injury and deformation of the nails. Perfect for wedding, babyboomer or bright colors to enhance their coverage. It was created primarily with a view to high work comfort in performing salon stylizations. It provides high weight control and, despite self-leveling functions, enables pleasant application without the risk of flooding the cuticles. It is extremely adhesive - the stylizations are unbelievably durable and resistant to mechanical damage, they do not break and remain uninvolved.

The building gel, SIMPLE SHAPE Cover pink nail polish softly cuts, thanks to which its development and possible corrections are express. In addition, the use of color allows you to quickly apply the gel even on white nail forms. The client's convenience is guaranteed by a reduced exothermic reaction, which reduces the discomfort associated with baking the product during curing in the lamp. This is an extremely useful property of the gel, affecting the client's safety and comfort. The SIMPLE SHAPE Cover pink gel cures in UV and LED systems. The system can be used with bases such as FLEXI Base, Expert Base as well as directly with the ultra-binding, acid-free NUTRIENTE vitamin primer. SIMPLE SHAPE Cover pink nail gel is available in capacities: 15, 50 g.

Apply the product to the nail plate protected with a suitable base. Cure in a UV lamp 120 s or LED 30 - 90 s.