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Cover Gel Pink Luminoso

$58.99 CAD

Cover gels are the absolute essentials of any nail stylist. It is nail gels with universal application – they can be used for building and some for prolonging the nail plate but above all they are ideal for masking any imperfections on the nail. Thanks to their pigmentation, they make it much easier to work especially with french or babyboomer stylings. They are ideal for beginners, because you can clearly see whether we evenly distribute the material and where it is too much or little (the difference in mating).
The luminoso gel-building cover is the highest quality product of the next generation. It is a nail gel with a medium thick, textured and pink-beige, warm color, slightly falling into a peachy shade – which is why it is especially recommended for people with light and warm complexion. It is perfect for camouflage the shortcomings of the plate – it perfectly masks any discoloration, injuries and distortion of nails. It is also particularly suitable for french or babyboomer styling and as a base for bright and pastel colors.
Universal application allows you to use luminoso cover gel as a gel masking the nail bed as well as as a building gel, to work on the template. The self-leveling properties of the gel allow perfect gel control and medium-dense consistency thanks to ensures ease of work and modeling of the plate, without the risk of skins flooding thanks to the use of thixotropy. Luminoso gel tightens well and holds the given form allowing for quick and easy nail construction with the perfect C curve.
Thanks to the innovative FS (Flexible Structure) system, luminoso nail gel is extremely flexible and incredibly grippy - the stylizations made are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical injuries, do not break and persist without air. The acid-free formula of LUMINOSO gel makes it can be used even in people with sensitive skin and with a tendency to allergies. The gel hardens in the UV and LED systems.
LUMINOSO gel has color stabilizers and UV filters to eliminate the risk of yellowing and the micro molecular pigment leaves no streaks. Careful selection of the proportions of the pedgmentation ensures an even coloring.
Luminoso nail gel is a gel with trixostropi effect. Tiksotropia, or so-called "liquid memory", provides a variable consistency of the product. Thanks to this, after applying a dense gel on the nail and beginning its development with a brush, it temporarily changes its consistency to a rare one, thus facilitating modeling and shaping. After the process of forming the nail, the gel again becomes dense and remains in place. Detailed laboratory studies have allowed the gel to be introduced to an unprecedented level. Thanks to thixotropy, luminoso gel is an ideal solution for beginners.


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