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SPA Softening Pearls Tara Complex Aloe 400g

$25.99 CAD

Give your feet a touch of luxury and put on their effective care and 2-in-1 pleasure!
Orient foot salt is an invaluable source of micro and macronutrients, an indispensable element of any pedicure treatment. Salt extremely quickly and effectively softens and smoothes the chapped skin of the feet and keratinized epidermis, thanks to which it facilitates the removal of all kinds of imperfections - modzeli and imprints and allows for better absorbed active substances. Macadamia and canola oils contained in the composition contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis.
Foot salt instantly cleanses and refreshes the skin of the feet, eliminating an unpleasant odor, relaxes and calms the skin, affects better blood supply to blood vessels and gives feet a feeling of lightness.
The feminine and electrifying scent of the Orient has long been maintained on the skin, giving your feet chic and lightness and making you feel good!

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