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SPA Scrub Shea Butter Macademia Complex Orient 300g

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Give your hands a touch of luxury and put on their effective care and 2-in-1 pleasure!
Hand scrub based on shea butter intensively nurtures, contributes to in-depth regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin of the hand. Shea butter has been known for centuries for its strong moisturizing and regenerating properties. It is a natural plant butter containing 4 vitamins - A, D, E, F thanks to which it helps to keep the skin in good condition.
Macadamia oil contained in the composition, thanks to minerals and omega acids, affects the firming and revitalization of the epidermis. Specks of very hard macadamia nuts and sugar crystals guarantee effective exfoliation of even the hardest parts of the epidermis. Tocopherols contained in argan oil provide great protection of cells from external factors, helping to maintain the young appearance of the skin.
Peeling Shea ORIENT butter has a mild texture, leaves your hands soft, delicate and light.
A beautiful perfumery fragrance reminiscent of the most oriental corners of the world wraps your hands with the elegance and chic of a real lady. Beautiful smell for a long time persists on the hands.

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