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SPA Regenerating Shea Butter Macademia Complex Orient 300g

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Give your skin a touch of luxury and put on their effective care and 2-in-1 pleasure!
Shea butter has been known for centuries for its strong moisturizing and regenerating properties. It is a natural plant butter containing as many as 4 vitamins - A, D, E, F thanks to which it helps to keep the skin in good condition.
The regenerating shea ORIENT butter, thanks to its macadamia and canola oil content, is especially recommended for the care of irritated, dry, skin that requires intensive hydration and nutrition.
Contained in butter, unsaturated fatty acids, affect the strengthening of the protective layer of the skin, increasing its resistance to external factors. Shea butter effectively protects the skin from harmful external factors (frost, cold, sun and wind), and additionally has properties that relieve irritation.
The regenerating shea ORIENT butter leaves the feet perfectly smooth and soft to the touch. The feminine and electrifying scent of the Orient has long been maintained on the skin, giving your feet chic and lightness and making you feel good!
The regenerating shea ORIENT butter is suitable for use under paraffin treatments.

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