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Primer Standard

$14.99 CAD

STANDARD acid primer is a colorless liquid with a very characteristic irritating odor. It consists of concentrated methacrylic acid, which is designed to etch and strongly dehydrate the nail plate. Its vapors may be irritating to eyes and skin, so it should be used very carefully and as intended. Strongly, but safely etching, deacidifying and matting the plate, preparing it for applying the base. It works on the principle of mechanical adhesion. It etches the nail plate, creates micro wells and raises corneocytes, so that e.g. the hybrid base has the ability to "enter into each well". It is a preparation dedicated to special tasks, which is recommended for people with a problematic nail plate whose stylization does not last for a guaranteed period of time. It helps in situations of very wet nail plate (hyperhidrosis) and hormonal problems, and when the acid-free primer did not bring decent results. It should not be used too often due to the strong acid concentration, it can lead to extreme drying of the nail plate and its destruction by too much etching. Acid primer - how to use The preparation should be applied in spots in a minimal amount only on a natural, matted polishing block and degreased plate (when refilling only on regrowth) and should not be categorically applied to the skin. Before proceeding to the next stages of styling, wait until the acid primer evaporates from the nail plate. After evaporation, it leaves the nail completely dry (the plate looks very degreased).