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Primer Delicato

$14.99 CAD

The DELICATO acid-free primer with a mild formula is an extremely delicate, non-irritating fluid that significantly increases the adhesion of gel and acrylic to the natural nail plate. Etching the natural tile creates a very adhesive base minimizing the formation of airborne foils, lifting or chipping. The acid-free DELICATO primer is safe for the nail plate, it does not affect their condition. The main component of the DELICATO acid-free primer is ethyl acetate and thanks to the low content of irritating acid substances it is intended for people with allergic tendencies or with visible mechanical damage to the nail plate and shaft. The acid-free DELICATO primer is a universal product because it can be used for any method (hybrid, gel, acrylic) where we do not have a problematic nail plate. The acid-free DELICATO primer should be applied in spots to the previously prepared plate - matted with a polishing block and degreased with a cleaner. After evaporation, the primer leaves a sticky layer, which is completely natural. Remember that Primer does not get on the skin, as this may result in irritation or excessive drying. Apply only to the natural nail plate, carefully avoiding the cuticle area.