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Polish Remover

$9.99 CAD

Even if you prefer the mechanical removal of hybrid manicure - file or cutters remover for hybrids is one of the basic preparations of any stylist, necessary to work in any salon. It allows you to quickly wash off the hybrid manicure by softening it and physically removing it.
Remover DISSOLVERE effectively and at the same time gently dissolves hybrid varnishes as well as softens acrylic mass and tipsy. Relaxed and safe chemical formula allows long-term contact of the nail plate and nail shaft with the preparation, reducing problems with allergic reactions, therefore it is a suitable product even for people with allergic tendencies or with visible mechanical damage to the plate and nail shaft. Remover DISSOLVERE does not cause discoloration of the nail plate and also does not leave an unpleasant white precipitate. Thanks to the content of lanolin with moisturizing and soothing properties, it does not dry out and etchs the natural plate and also the cuticles around the nail. Dissolvere remover can also be used as a degreasing preparation - thoroughly cleanses and matte the nail plate preparing it for subsequent cosmetic procedures. The unique and highly appreciated feature of the REMOVER DISSOLVERE by stylists as well as by the customers is its extremely aromatic, pleasant fragrance reminiscent of juicy cherries. Efficient, efficient and how pleasant to use!

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