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Perfumed Cuticle Oil Orient

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Perfumed olive for ORIENT skins with a beautiful, deep scent brings to mind the most oriental and exotic corners of the world. Sensual, intense notes will allow you to roll around the aura - mystery and elegance - worthy of a true lady. It is an extremely sensual fragrance that keeps on your hands for a long time.
In addition to the phenomenal smell of olive oil for ORIENT cuticles, it has in its composition sunflower oil, whose moisturizing properties positively affect the growth of healthy and strong nails and the re-generation of cracked cuticles. The ORIENT olive accelerates the healing of minor wounds and effectively affects the reproduction of the epidermis. It has an antioxidant and strengthening effect on the nails, provides better microcirculation under the nail plate. Significantly improves the appearance and condition of the skin, counteracts water loss by delaying aging processes.
The beautiful fragrance and the light, fast-absorbing texture of the fact that the perfumed olive for orient skins is the perfect finish to manicure. It is also recommended for daily skin care around nails.

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