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Nail Prep Standard

$14.99 CAD

NAIL PREP, as the name itself must be, above all, degreasing the nail plates and its preparation for performing the steps of the stylization procedure. Nail degreaser STANDARD NAIL PREP is a classic, acid-free degreasing agent that dries the natural nail plate. Applied nail plate scales after peeling and isolation from the primer, protecting against excessive wear and etching. With a very oily plate, it is possible to apply several times to minimize aeration movements and pull out of the product in a hybrid, gel or acrylic method. Nail polish degreaser STANDARD NAIL PREP has a safe and mild formula - it does not adversely affect their condition, it is suitable for people with allergic tendencies or with visible damaged mechanical plates and nail shaft. Nail polish degreaser STANDARD NAIL PREP should be applied thinly on nails, on a matted and dust-free nail plate before applying the primer and curable preparations, check the check for its complete evaporation.