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Multicolor cuticle scizors

$21.99 CAD

Nail scissors are one of the absolute salon essentials. They allow precise and accurate preparation of the nail plate for further steps in styling. Thanks to them, you will shorten your nails easily and quickly or give them the right shape. 
Nail scissors are used by professionals to cut nails during nail styling procedures in beauty salons as well as in house conditions.
Mistero Milano nail scissors are made of high-quality surgical steel, covered with a multicolored holographic coating that gives the whole a unique character, increasing the comfort of work. They fit perfectly into most hands thanks to their universally selected shoulder size and perfectly contoured blade – blade length 21 mm, overall length 9.5 cm. Nail scissors make cutting easier in any environment and in hard-to-reach places. Thin, sharp, precisely polished and then polished blade allows accurate and safe shortening or cutting of nails. Scissors do well even with very thick nail plates.
They are also recommended for cutting ornamental elements melted in nails.
Nail scissors are a reusable product. However, it is important to remember that each treatment takes place after disinfection or sterilization of the tool. Mistero Milano nail scissors are suitable for autoclave sterilization.


How to use
Cleaning and sterilization of tools
Rinse the tools under warm (not hot) water immediately after the procedure (preferably up to 20 minutes after the procedure). Then, before the sterilization process, perform a pre-cleaning, in one of two options:
a) Manual cleaning - use only delicate plastic brushes and neutral detergents (too low pH can cause damage to stainless steel protective surface and black coloring, too high pH will cause brown spots). After cleaning, rinse the tools thoroughly under running water, then let them dry and store in a clean and dry place.
b) Ultrasonic wasching - tools should be cleaned for a full, recommended cycle time - usually 5 to 10 minutes. Place the tool in the open position, make sure that the blades do not touch any elements. All tools must be completely immersed. Do not mix different types of metals (stainless, copper, chrome, etc.) in one cycle. After ultrasonic cleaning, rinse the tools to remove the cleaning solution.
Only clean, previously washed tools can be sterilized.
Insert the autoclave tools into bags designed for sterilization individually or in sets. Make sure you are using a large enough bag so that the tool can be sterilized in the open (unlocked) position. The recommended sterilization time is 15-30 minutes, at 121 – 132 °C.
Water and moisture of all kinds (especially blood, pus, surgical residues) are the main cause of discoloration and pitting. Another mistake is washing the tools with an inappropriate solution, e.g. bleach, iodine-containing and chlorhexidine-based solution or chloride-based solution. Be sure to store tools made of different materials separately (stainless steel, copper, carbon steel).

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