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Expert Base Milky Fiber Complex

$20.99 CAD

The strengthening EXPERT MILKY Base is a foundation product for special tasks and difficult cases. The most important feature of the product is milky pigment, which affects masking properties of the base, making it an ideal solution for bright, pastel and neon colors.

• presence of a masking, milk pigment,
• thick consistency,
• high control over the product during application,
• advanced self-leveling properties,
• high resistance to mechanical injuries,
• the possibility of building and extending the nail (recommended length 3 mm),
• very good adhesion, also in the case of very problematic nails,
• sticky dispersion limiting the slipping of colored products,
• versatility of use - for hybrid and gel,
• presence of vitamins E and B5,
• manicure durability even over 4 weeks.

Type: Unknown Type