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Cleaner Detergente

$18.99 CAD

The DETERGENTE cleaner is a suitable product for preparing the plate for a manicure after it has been matted - it degreases it and cleanses from small dirt or fluff. Just wipe your nails with a cotton wipe soaked in a cleaner to power up the next steps in styling - applying a primer, base and color. The extremely gentle and safe formula of the DETERGENTE Cleaner reduces problems with allergic reactions - this is a product suitable for people with allergic tendencies or with visible mechanical damage to the nail plate and shaft. The DETERGENTE cleaner additionally has disinfecting properties, it can also be used to dissolve and remove uncured gel color. The DETERGENTE Cleaner's unique and highly valued by Stylist and Customers is its exceptionally aromatic, pleasant fragrance reminiscent of juicy cherries.