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Builder Gel Clear DUREVOLE

$34.99 CAD

Nail-building gels are essential products – essential in any styling salon. These gels with a versatile and versatile application – they can be used both for building and modeling nails, but also for prolonging and strengthening the natural plate. However, it should be remembered that when styling the building gel, it is necessary to use additional products – primers and finishing.
Durevole nail gel builder is the highest quality product of the new generation. It is a nail gel with a medium-20 consistency and large self-leveling properties. It was created for advanced nail extension techniques as well as salon styling. The gel has incredible flexibility, allowing you to create innovative shapes and unique tunnels. DUREVOLE gel is transparent, has no coloring so it does not change the color of the cover or the white tip after superstructure. It is ideal for extensions as well as styling for a natural nail plate.
Thanks to the innovative system using fs glass fiber (Flexible Structure), durevole nail gel is extremely flexible and incredibly grippy - the made stylings are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical injuries, do not break and persist without airing. The acid-free formula of DUREVOLE gel makes it can be used even in people with sensitive skin and with a tendency to allergies. The gel hardens in the UV and LED systems.
The comfort of work is guaranteed by the use of the NO HEAT formula, thanks to which no burning sensation is felt during the curing of the product in the lamp. This is an extremely useful property of the gel, affecting the safety and convenience of the client.
DUREVOLE nail gel is a gel with the effect of thixotropy. Tiksotropia, or so-called "liquid memory", provides a variable consistency of the product. Thanks to this, after applying a dense gel on the nail and beginning its development with a brush, it temporarily changes its consistency to a rare one, thus facilitating modeling and shaping. After the process of forming the nail, the gel again becomes dense and remains in place. Detailed laboratory studies have allowed the gel to be introduced to an unprecedented level. Thanks to thixotropia, DUREVOLE gel is ideal for beginners.

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