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Baby pink cover gel

$5.99 CAD

Baby pink cover gel is a medium-density, pink, self-leveling gel characterized by a unique feature of "liquid memory", that is, the so-called thixotropics. It appears in the form of lumps in the structure of the gel, which is a completely normal phenomenon. Thanks to it, after starting work, the gel changes its consistency to a rarer one and, after finishing the work, it thickens again. 

Gel with thixotropia will greatly facilitate your work, increase weight control, which will make you stop worrying about flooded skins. Self-leveling of the gel will reduce the amount of brush movements to achieve a perfectly smooth surface of the product, which in turn will reduce the time and effort associated with sawing. The gel is also great for nail reconstruction.

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of cosmetic chemistry and polyamide fiber content, the product is both very stable but works well with the natural plate. It is ideal for strengthening the natural plate as well as a gel for (even significant) nail extensions. It tightens well and does not stretch after a while.

Baby pink cover gel hardens in 60-90s . The system requires the use of a base, it can be used with hybrid bases e.g. FLEXI Base, Expert Base.

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