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2345 Art Creator Gel Paint Yellow

$19.99 CAD

is a product with a perfectly dense, velvety consistency that will allow you to work precisely as in the case of using acrylic paints. Their strong pigmentation guarantees color clarity and full coverage without streaks.

Thanks to the flexible formula, Paint gels allow you to use them in many nail styling techniques. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, do not run off and do not shrink during operation, allowing for the perfect finishing of decorations. Ease of work makes them also recommended for novice stylists. They ensure styling durability up to several weeks.

Gel paints are perfect for all zhostovo or one-stroke decorations, but also for classic nail art techniques, micropainting. You can also make a unique ombre with them, and stamp the pattern. They will also allow you to create precise, unique ornaments and thin lines. The purple color will be perfect for making crazy summer decorations. The colors can be mixed together to create countless new shades. The paints gel does not have a dispersion / inhibition layer.

Apply the product on the nail plate protected with a suitable base.

Cure in a UV 120 sec or a UV / LED 48W 60 sec lamp.

Type: Unknown Type