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1 phase builder gel clear Elastico

$34.99 CAD

Transparent gel for nails ELASTICO is the perfect product for extending and styling gel nails. A series of tests and research allowed us to achieve success
and create a perfect product - which works well at all stages of nail construction.
ELASTICO single-phase gel is a gel with a thick consistency, which makes it easy to work and model the plate. It is especially recommended for beginners,
because its consistency allows for great control over the product without splashing to the sides. It squeezes perfectly and holds the shape, allowing for quick and easy
nail construction with a perfect C curve.
The gel is characterized by high flexibility and adaptation to the natural nail plate, and thanks to the use of fiberglass it is incredibly adhesive - the stylizations made are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage - they do not break and stay without airing. The gel is designed to work both on a form, on natural plates as well as on tips. The acid-free formula of ELASTICO gel makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Cures in both UV and LED systems.
ELASTICO nail gel is a gel with a thixotropic effect. The thixotropy or the so-called "fluid memory" ensures that the consistency of the product is variable. It appears as lumps in the gel structure, which is completely normal. Thanks to it, after starting work, the gel changes its consistency to a thinner one and thickens again after finishing work. Thanks to this, after applying a thick gel on the nail and starting its development with a brush, it changes its consistency to thin for a moment, thus facilitating modeling and shaping. After the nail shaping process is completed, the gel becomes thick again and stays in place. Detailed laboratory tests allowed to bring the thixotropy of the gel to an unattainable level so far.
ELASTICO nail gel is available in the following capacities: 15, 30, 50 ml.
Cures in the UV 120s and LED 30-60s system.

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