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Can I place an order by phone?

Yes. Call 639 317 4844 and provide all selected products and shipping details.

To which e-mail address I send e-transfer?

E-Transfer send to , please.

Why is color different from that of a website?

We make every effort to ensure that the colors presented by us are a faithful reflection of the color from the bottles. We try to present the color also on the nails, which greatly facilitates the choice of color. However, perfect mapping is difficult even by different monitor settings.

How many applications is enough for one bottle of varnish?

Our varnishes come in 2 capacities of 6ml and 11ml.  A 6ml bottle is enough for about 19 stylizations (with medium long nails and 1 layer of product). A 11ml bottle is enough for about 34 stylizations (with medium long nails and 1 layer of product).

Can Mistero Milano products cause allergies?

Mistero Milano products are created by specialists with the safety of our customers in mind. The ingredients from which our products are made are selected so as to minimize the risk of allergies. People who are particularly sensitive, or with a significantly damaged nail plate may experience an unwanted reaction to any of the ingredients, however, such reports occur in less than 1% of our customers.

Where are Mistero Milano products produced?

Mistero Milano products are manufactured in the European Union.

What product to start with? What is your bestseller?

We recommend to start your adventure with Mistero Milano from Flexi Base – it is a great base product, which thanks to its flexibility works great with the natural nail plate ensuring the durability of styling up to 4 weeks. Medium dense consistency will allow for a convenient application of the product.
If your tile is "problematic" and you have trouble maintaining styling for a guaranteed period of time, we recommend you try expert base or Milky Expert base is a base with a complex of polyamide fibers that harden the nail plate and guarantee great adhesion.

How to work ESPERTO 3-phase structural gel?

ESPERTO 3-phase gel is ideal for working on a template due to its high density and durability of hardened gel mass. It gives an amazing comfort of work even when styling very long nails. This is due to its very dense consistency (jelly), which causes the gel to "stand still" and does not spill over the template. ESPERTO 3-phase gel is not suitable for sinking ornaments. It should be poured on the template as the first layer, forming the design of the extended nail.

What is a 1-phase gel for?

Single-phase gel according to the name is used to perform one phase of styling, that is, the first layer of foundation, construction or finishing.
Single-phase gels include:
• backing gels
• construction gels
• topcoat gels
• white gels
• colored gels

What is a 3-phase gel for?

3-phase gel is a universal styling preparation, suitable for making all layers of stylized nail:
1) sublayer phase
2) construction phase
3) finishing phase
Depending on the density and color, they may have additional styling qualities( transparent, pink, cyan)

Which white gel is best for French Manicure?

When considering which Gel Mistero Milano is best for french, you must first divide it for their purpose. To make french on the template the best gel is perfect white gel which has a rare consistency, perfectly leveling and heavily panted. Thanks to it, after one, even a very thin layer, the tip of the nail shines with a beautiful white tinge. The great advantage of perfetto white gel is the ease with which it can be cured in the lamp.

Which gel is best for sinking ornaments?

It is best to use structural gels with a medium-dense consistency (ESPERTO 1-phase transparent gel, ESPERTO 1-phase pink gel) to sink ornaments. After pouring one layer, we lay out the finished elements for sinking (glitter, broth, shell, etc.) then harden in the lamp and cover with a thin layer like varnish. Finally, we level the "C" curve with the third layer.

What are we doing wrong when it starts to splash off the gel paint from the free edge in the first week?

Gel Polishin the lamp cure 30-60 in a UV/LED lamp or 120 sec in a UV lamp. We can never cure hybrid varnish any longer because it hardens faster into a gel and starts to break off. To avoid chipping hybrid varnish, keep the following in mind:
• After the manicure procedure, we can not shorten the nail because we will open a free edge,
• we do not perform a spa manicure before applying hybrid varnish,
• do not apply paraffin to the hands before and after applying the hybrid varnish,
• when we paint one or two nails in the lamp, we put only one or two nails so as not to do the other

Are Mistero Milano products tested on animals?

In accordance with the Cosmetics Act (EC/1223/2009), no cosmetic product placed on the market in the European Union can be tested on animals.

How to become a Mistero Milano Canada distributor?

To become Mistero Milano Distributor in Canada, please contact Kasia Filipek at