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UV/LED Lamps

UV / LED lamp for hybrid and gel nails is an indispensable device when performing styling. We offer professional lamps recommended for both the beauty salon and for use at home or while traveling.
Thanks to UV / LED lamps, you can cure any UV product quickly and without unpleasant surprises, including highly pigmented colored products, dense construction gels and covers.

Choose a nail lamp ideally suited to your needs - you can choose from:

• 48W UV / LED lamp - with display and motion sensor, having as many as 36 diodes and, above all, an innovative low heat system - allowing the diodes to slowly wake up eliminating intense burning sensation

• 24W UV / LED lamp - a high-quality mobile lamp with 18 diodes, which thanks to folding legs is perfect for home conditions as well as when traveling. Comfortable and compact, and above all reliable UV / LED lamps!v