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No more problems with Hybrid Manicure!

October 09, 2020

No more problems with Hybrid Manicure!

Hybrid Manicure!

We do manicure only on healthy nails!.

Be sure to carefully prepare the nail plate for the procedure. Correct preparation of the plate is extremely important - it guarantees greater adhesion of the  varnish and thus the durability of styling. The first step is to disinfect your hand and buff the plate with a 180 gradation file (remember not to use 150 grid on natural nails!). We give the target shape to the nails. 

The next step is to remove the cuticles around the nails with cutters, drill bits or cuticles scissors  – the correct preparation of the plate will eliminate airing and lifting and the ideal application of color under the skins will give your hands a beautiful look.

After mechanical preparation of the nail plate, we proceed to dehydrate the plate with Nail Prep Standard and, depending on the need, apply the acidic Primer Standard to problematic nails or Acid-free Delicato. The next step is to apply the Base – Flexy base, which increases the grip and durability of styling. We apply the base with a thin layer and distribute evenly throughout the nail. We harden in the lamp (LED 30s-60, UV 90s-120.) Then we apply the first layer of color. We make sure that the cuticle does not get dirty and remember to paint the free edge of the nail - we harden in the lamp (LED 30s-60s, UV 90s-120s). Depending on the color pigmentation, we can place one layer of varnish or two thin layers. To be sure that the color is evenly placed under the skins, you can use a thin brush, which will help you in this process. The final step is to cover with Top and cure  in the lamp.

As a complement to the whole styling, we can wipe the Nails using Cleaner Extra Shine and wash off the inhibition layer if necessary. To give the skins a beautiful look, we massage the cuticle oil into the skins around the nails. 





Kasia Filipek 

Mistero Milano Canada